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What is 3C Toolbox?

3C Toolbox is not just another toolbox for Android, it's the integration and optimisation of functionalities from the following 3C apps: Battery Monitor Widget, System Tuner, 3C Toggles, and many other apps: Titanium Backup Pro, ROM Toolbox, Advanced Task Killer, Greenify, System Panel, SetCPU, BetterBatteryStats, App2SD, Link2SD, Seeder, and a ton of other apps!


(1) It includes all features from Battery Monitor Widget, System Tuner and 3C Toggles (details)

(2) It includes many features from many existing paid apps:

Titanium Backup Pro - 5€ / $6.5 (details)

  • Most its app management features are included in 3C Toolbox.
  • You additionally get the easiest App2SD+Link2SD feature and automatic backup!

ROM Toolbox - 4€ / $5

  • Most its app management, CPU, tweaks features are included in 3C Toolbox.
  • You don't get ROM fonts, boot anims or themes.
  • You additionally get more detailed and more feature rich in every aspects!

Advanced Task Killer Pro - 4€ / $5

  • All its task management features are included in 3C Toolbox.
  • You additionally get many widgets or shortcuts to control your device apps and processes!

Greenify - 2.29€ / $3

  • 3C Toolbox offers its own passive hibernation mechanism (named crystallize) at no performance cost!
  • You addtionally get many other ways to handle bad app behavior!

System Panel - 2.5€ / $3.5 (details)

  • Its task manager and device monitoring are all included
  • You addtionally get a much more configurable app!

SetCPU - 1.5€ / $2 (details)

  • Its CPU control is fully integrated, except profiles to come soon
  • You addtionally get many more options to control and optimize your device!

BetterBatteryStats - 2€ / $2.5

  • All its battery statistics are available
  • You additionally get many more battery statistics such as use-timesestimates, per ROM, kernels, profiles or plug states

App2SD Pro - 1.5€ / $2

  • All its app management features are included
  • You additionally get many more options to manage your apps!

Seeder - 1.99€ / $2.5

  • All its features are included but implemented in a passive way at no performance cost!

That's already 25€ (or $33) and 3C Toolbox actually replaces many more apps!


(3) 3C Toolbox has many unique features not available elsewhere for non-rooted devices:

  • Battery current monitoring as milli-Ampere (mA), milli-Watts (mA) or percent per hour (%/h)
  • Real battery capacity estimation (mAh)
  • Battery statistics per ROM, kernels, profiles or plug states

(4) 3C Toolbox has many unique features not available elsewhere for rooted devices:

  • Automatic backup of newly installed or updated apps (root required)
  • Scheduled optimizations of your device (root required)
  • Scheduled optimizations of system apps  (root required)
  • Clean reboot, first app to reboot your device safely, the same way Android operating system does, without data loss (root required)
  • The easiest App2SD, Link2SD feature you'll ever see: link (move) many apps to SD in one click! 

(5) You get life-time updates!

  • All improvements and bug fixes
  • All new features that will be included in 3C Toolbox will be yours

(6) You get one of the best support on the Play Store!

Yes, we reply to your queries within 1 day, if not within a couple of hours and will help you no matter the issue.

Here are few user feedbacks received by emails or through Google Play Store comments:

  • 3c is also super responsive! (No compensation received, just love the app!)
  • You answer emails faster than any other app dev. You have great solutions for issue and you seem to genuinely care about your consumers. It can't get any better
  • Great support!
  • I have supported this dev by buying all three of his apps, he does good work and has excellent support.
  • Just wanted to giving money to a active developer that answers any question personally. Not just a generic reply you would get from 90% of other apps.
  • Haven't even opened up the app yet ...but it's developed by 3c, so I already know my rating will be 5 stars.
  • Love it Does it all. Supposedly this is beta. All apps should work this well.
  • I contacted the Developer & he responded nearly immediately & walked me through the setups. Didn't refer me to the manual or forums but patiently personally helped me out.
Why was 3C Toolbox created in the first place


Interested in giving it a try? 

Free Version Pro Version

Description: http://www.3c71.com/android/sites/default/files/market.PNG

Description: http://www.3c71.com/android/sites/default/files/market.PNG


Please check this Detailed Features Comparison to choose the right app! If you are already using the app here is a quick Getting Started.

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