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Migration Offer

I would like to offer you an easy migration path from 3C System Tuner Pro to 3C Toolbox Pro.


The main difference is that 3C Toolbox includes many other apps features: 3C Battery Monitor, 3C Network Monitor, 3C Root Explorer and 3C Toggles and any future apps I will develop.



  • You must have purchased System Tuner Pro in Play Store after May 2014 (for older purchases, please contact me with purchasing email and order number).
  • The account used to purchase the app is still valid with a valid form of payment (used for refund).


Please follow these steps to get System Tuner Pro purchase refunded:

  • Purchase 3C Toolbox Pro
  • Leave a review
  • Send an email to 3c@3c71.com with the following information:
    • E-mail and order number used to purchase System Tuner Pro
    • E-mail and order number used to purchase 3C Toolbox Pro
    • Copy of your review


The main objective is to clean-up apps offering based on user preferences, and reduce distribution cost.

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Article | by Dr. Radut