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[ANDROID_BUG] Graph jumps by 10% between 60 and 50% - Motorola Defy


I have seen several times the graph of capacity jump down from 60 to 50% in my Defy. 1% steps is activated and works fine everywhere else.


Running FroYo 2.2.2.

The app reads the actual battery capacity from a kernel file, which is calculated using voltage and battery statistics.

There might be inconsistency. So if your phone is rooted you can reset the battery statistics (main screen menu).


Then you could try running a few full charge/discharge cycles (charging to 100% and waiting an hour before unplugging, then discharging to 0% until the phone switches off).

This should improve the capacity calculations from the kernel.

OK I'll do this and report back.

Not a bug of Battery Monitor Widget.

Phone/battery may require calibration as explained here.

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