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[CM7_BUG] Widget contents misaligned with non-standard system settings


I use CyanogenMod variant on my HD2, with LCD Density set at 167 (instead of default 240). When changing the system's font size in Spare Parts (additional settings/tweaks app that comes with CyanogenMod) to Large, the widget contents gets misaligned, just like in the attached picture plus the bottom value disappears completely:

Is there anything I could do on my side, apart from reverting to standard screen settings, or is widget layout somehow hard-linked to system fonts size? Any chance it might be changed in future revisions of BMW?

The widget is using the default system font... Not sure if the widget graphics are being resized but it doesn't seem so on the screenshot?

I'll try to find a solution, but it's not easy change the font used by the widget without impacting everybody: some users I'm sure would like to keep using their current system font, so it matches with other widgets.

I'm pretty sure though this is not the only widget suffering from this on CyanogenMod.

What version of CM are you using? I'll see if I can install a CM7 on one of my devices to test this.

My build is CM7 based (AmeriCanDroid if you have spare HD2). Surpirisingly some of the other widgets are sensitive to LCD Density, but none seem to be affected by SpareParts font change. Also, maybe there is additional variable - I'm not sure if and how widgets are affected by launcher rows / columns setting.

Screen densities don't have any negative effect on widgets, as they are sized based on independant sizing. The row/columns option as far as I have tried in the past works ok on most widget.

I suppose an option to choose a particular font or use the system default font could work-around your issue. Will see to it.

If it may be of any help, Google's New & Weather widget (geniewidget.apk), seems to be insensitive to font size chenges.

Tested on various launchers and various font sizes, with different densities, screen resolutions, tweaked columns/rows.

Never reproduced issue.

Issue only appear with CM7.

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