Process Details


Detailed Information

This page shows all information about the process (or service):

  • Details
    • Identification
    • Time process/service was started
    • Type and sub-type of process
    • Source package which runs the process/service
  • CPU Usage
    • Total time since start
    • Total CPU usage in seconds
    • CPU consumption (% of previous 2 values)
    • Battery consumption when available
  • Memory Usage
    • Virtual allocated memory
    • Shared memory
    • Data size
    • Total memory actually used
  • Package content
    • The list of packages the process/service has loaded
    • The list of intent, receivers, providers and permissions contained in the package

CPU Utilization Curve

When recording a graphic is shown to display the process CPU utilization curve, you can scroll, zoom on the graph while it’s being updated. The graphic can be hidden when recording in the settings.

Long-press to display a menu allowing you to:

  • set the zoom factor
  • Switch between default (refresh rate) and adjusted maximum.

Use two fingers to manually zoom in/out.

Once zoomed, you can scroll through the display with one finger. By default the graph shows the whole recording and cannot be scrolled.


The buttons allows to:

  • Exclude/Include process from the killing exclusion list
  • Kill the process
  • Open the associated application activity if any
  • Open the logs for that application
  • Open application settings (allowing to clear data, uninstall and check permissions)
  • Clear data manually
  • Uninstall application manually (system applications can be uninstalled too)

NB: Uninstalling system applications is dangerous, you do it on your own without support.