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In summary user is complaining about AT being granted root every time the device is unlocked, which has been tested for and cannot be verified. However it appeared an Xposed module was requesting root from within other apps. Obviously the review has nothing to do with the original issue explained.


RE: Support Request - LG-D800

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Android Tuner androtuner@gmail.com

10:01 PM (15 hours ago)
to Michael

Hello Michael and sorry for the inconvenience,


The first thing to note is that AT only requests root when it starts. This means that the app is being killed and restarted every time you unlock your phone. Please check your configuration for any task killer, greenify and similar apps which may cause this. If nothing is killing the app (simply check the run-time of AT in AT’s task manager) that means one of your Xposed module is requesting root while hiding within AT.


This is actually confirmed by an Xposed module actually crashing and shown in below log, lucky for you this module crashes, otherwise it would remain invisible and perform all sorts of actions without your knowledge:


03-19 16:05:18.261 I/Xposed  (16654): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: width and height must be > 0

03-19 16:05:18.261 I/Xposed  (16654):     at android.graphics.Bitmap.createBitmap(Bitmap.java:687)

03-19 16:05:18.261 I/Xposed  (16654):     at android.graphics.Bitmap.createBitmap(Bitmap.java:666)

03-19 16:05:18.261 I/Xposed  (16654):     at android.graphics.Bitmap.createBitmap(Bitmap.java:633)

03-19 16:05:18.261 I/Xposed  (16654):     at ng.a(Unknown Source)

03-19 16:05:18.261 I/Xposed  (16654):     at ng.a(Unknown Source) <= This path is not part of AT.

03-19 16:05:18.261 I/Xposed  (16654):     at nb.afterHookedMethod(Unknown Source) <= Xposed entry point into a module

03-19 16:05:18.261 I/Xposed  (16654):     at de.robv.android.xposed.XposedBridge.handleHookedMethod(XposedBridge.java:561)


Please disable this Xposed module, it obviously interfere with other apps and request root while impersonating other apps. Very badly developed module if you ask me, breaching your device’s security as well.






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De : Michael York Jr 
Envoyé : mercredi 19 mars 2014 21:07
À : 3c@3c71.com
Objet : Support Request - LG-D800


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Hi there,

LONG time user of Battery Monitor Widget here.

I just bought Android Tuner last night, installed and the only thing I did was turn on battery monitoring and make a widget similar to the 2x1 Battery Monitor Widget.

My issue is Android Tuner is requesting root every time I unlock my phone, thus displaying the toast message and perhaps causing a delay in performance.

The phone is an LG G2 running a stock(debloated) 4.2.2 rom.

I never had this issue with Battery Monitor Widget in years of use.

Any suggestions?  Is this unavoidable because Android Tuner has so many other things going on?  I have to be honest, it will annoy me to no end and I'd appreciate a refund if that's the case.

Thank you,