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Hi all,I'm looking for some help in setting iup Battery Monitor Widget Pro.I'm setting up for basically the first time and getting confused about how to set certain settings. In the compare section there is a display and it has a label that says Original and In-Use. When I first setup the app, the first thing I did was overide the battery mah. I have a Note 4, the original battery that came with the phone is 3880 mah. I just installed a Hyperion 9800 mah battery. I entered the 9800 in the overide. But then when I go to the Compare screen/tab, I noticed that the display is showing Original as 9800 and In-Use as 9800.I fiddled around a now have it showing Original 3880 / In-Use 9800 but I'm not sure I done things correctly to have the app calculate all the data correctly. I wish the Wizard feature asked questions like what was the original battery that came with the phone. What is the battery installed on the phone presently. That way its easier to understand what values go where. Did I need to have the Original installed during the first setup, and then switch batteries as an additional battery?  If there is a youtube video that describes first time setup and inculdes how to setup if you are using a larger battery (mah) than comes with the stock for that model phone. If not can someone make one?Thank you. Rob

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