CPU Information Line

This line shows how much CPU was used during the whole recording.

Multiple tap on that line will change the graphic display as follows:

  • First, shows CPU utilization curve on top of all other curves.
  • Second, shows CPU utilization curve alone
  • Third, hides CPU utilization curve, leaving all other process curves.

Process List

This line shows top-consumer processes sorted by overall utilization.

Multiple tap on a process switches the graphic view between showing the process utilization in white with all other processes or alone.

Long-press on a process shows a menu to:

  • show usage in percent or seconds
  • hide the selected process
  • show all manually hidden processes (when one or more have been hidden using previous item)
  • hide all low-utilization processes (when those have been shown as explained below)
  • set the low-utilization threshold
State Data
All state lines use color codes and also use intermediate states, meaning the state was both on and off during the x minutes recording.
Off is always black, and here follows the color codes being used for each data states:
  • WiFi: On = Dark blue, Connected = Light blue
  • Bluetooth: On = Dark blue, Connected = Light blue
  • Screen: On = Yellow
  • Phone signal: On = Green, Ringing = Red
  • Mobile data: On = Blue
  • GPS: On = Dark green, Locked = Light green

If battery data is imported from Battery Monitor Widget Pro, you will get an additional state:

  • GPS: Unplugged = Black, AC = Green, USB = Blue

For example if the screen was on and off during the recording interval, the color will be a mix of black (off) and yellow (on) = dark yellow.

Low-Utilization Processes

This line indicates some processes are hidden because they consumed very little CPU during the whole recording (default to 0.01% of overall CPU usage; can be changed in the settings).

Single tap this line to show all hidden processes.

Utilization Curves

The scale of the curves is either the default (total refresh time, eg 300 seconds by default) or an adjusted value based on the currently visible maximums (always in seconds).

Long-press to display a menu allowing you to:

  • clip visible data
  • set the zoom factor
  • Switch between default (refresh rate) and adjusted maximum.

Use two fingers to manually zoom in/out.

Once zoomed, you can scroll through the display with one finger. By default the graph shows the whole recording and cannot be scrolled.