Task Manager


Top Usage Bars

The top bars allow viewing CPU frequency, CPU load, memory usage, internal and SD storage usage. Single tap a bar (except internal storage) for more details.

Long-press any bar to open a menu to select which details to open.

Note that by default only CPU frequency and memory usage are displayed. See settings for details on how to show/hide usage bars.

Middle List View

The middle list view shows running processes, sorted by user-defined value, including real-time active time (CPU time), total active time (total CPU time), start time, CPU consumed (percent of active/total run time), memory consumption or simply by name.

Single tap a process for detailed information about the process and to exclude/include it from the automatic killer list.

When recording and usage graphic is shown, single tap a process to highlight its usage curve, second tap the process to open its detailed information.

Middle Graph

When recording an activity graph is shown under the list view. This can be disabled in the task manager settings.

Long-press to display a menu allowing you to:

  • set the zoom factor
  • Switch between default (refresh rate) and adjusted maximum.

Use two fingers to manually zoom in/out.

Once zoomed, you can scroll through the display with one finger. By default the graph shows the whole recording and cannot be scrolled.

Bottom Buttons

The bottom buttons allow:

  • changing sort order
  • killing all processes except those in the user-defined exclusion list
  • Opening log viewer
  • Opening terminal/shell emulator
  • Showing/hiding applications based on those criterions:
    • Excluded apps
    • System apps
    • Kernel processes

Note that the analyzer and recorder buttons may be hidden in the preferences.


The menu allows access to the settings and show/hide excluded processes and system processes. Note that all system processes are in the excluded list by default.

Note that when the analyzer/recorder buttons are hidden they are added to the menu.