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[ANDROID BUG] Incorrect mAh


It seems like you're getting mAh from default HW configuration... I replaced my 1580 mAh battery with a 3600 mAh Mugen, but you're not picking up on it.

So yes you have to enter the actual value in the monitoring settings. Best is to create battery profiles if you intend to change batteries.

Once you do either of those the app will start using the value you defined.

If it does not, please use the 'mA support request' from the app monitoring settings, and I will take it from there. Don't forget to add a note about your issue.

There is no way on Android to identify a battery, far less retrieve it's real capacity.

So the app uses the value provided by the Android kernel, which is the hard-coded value for the stock battery.


Overriding it in the monitoring settings or creating a battery profile fixes this.

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