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[ANDROID_BUG] Settings lost after reboot or app restart


Hi im using battery monitor widget on my galaxy s 2.2.1 (stock). Everything works fine, except an issue that battery monitor resets some of my settings (in fact: all, but not all seem to be applied...). This happens ~1 time per day. All my settings like widget appearance and entered battery capacity are resetted in the menus (1500mAh->1200mAh) then just when i open battery monitor. But not all: E.g. the battery symbol changes to standard, but the label doesnt show up (i disabled the label before). This makes the app forget all statistics (averages etc.) except the history, of course. Im not using a taskmanager or anything like that. Already tried reinstalling the app.

Would be glad if you could help.


Got a Galaxy S too and it has been running flawlessly with 2.2, 2.2.1 and now 2.3.4. I believe you have permission issues on your phone (on app data files), is it rooted?


If so, you should go in /data/data and delete the folder ccc71.bmw (as SU), then uninstall/reinstall the app, problem should be gone. Just uninstalling app is not enough because Android doesn't delete app data during uninstall!!!

Actually you could use Process Monitor Widget to clear the data, this might do the trick in a much faster way.


To test if it's resolved, change one setting, exit the app, then kill it. restart the app and check the settings!


[ I'm pretty sure the permission issue appeared after you changed a few settings (label settinsg are 'kept'), then since you can't update any settings, they come back to a previous state as soon as you reboot or BMW starts again for any reason. ]


Topic is moved to known issuesas it can help others in the same situation!

This issue is valid for any app which settings are not retained after reboot/app restart!

Hi! Thanks for your quick answer. But I havent rooted my phone, thus i cant try your suggestion. A friend of mine got a Nexus S 2.3.4 (no root) and also experiences this issue...

Did you try to clear the app data from the 'manage applications' settings? Does the button gets greyed after that, eg cannot clear data a second time!?

Also, would you be able to get me the logcat of the app while you change a couple of settings? This will show if the settings fils have permission issues!

Hi, thanks for your reply. I tried clearing cache and app data now - the buttons get greyed after that and all made settings are gone. But the problem still appears...

How can i get a logcat?


I'm sorry it was actually a re-install... not a reset of the capacity value... Not sure how this happens

So I will review the code to understand what could happen on your phone... Do you have the latest update? no fix for this issue, but at least we're on the same base.

Not sure the logcat will actually help without knowing when the app resets the value.


Though you can use Process Monitor Widget to get its logcat and also kill the app to see if a restarts looses the value (I just tried and it didn't reproduce the issue on 3 phones).

I suppose you're still experiencing the issue?

Would you be able to tell me which settings are not applied and which are lost?

Also, you mentioned settings lost once a day, is there a pattern or a time when this happens?

If you kill the app with a task manager, does the settings get lost too?

On reboot do you loose your settings?


If you can use a logcat app (alogcat or PMW) to get the battery app logcat just to verify there is no permission issues on the settings file?

To do that with PMW: start PMW, tap on Battery Monitor Widget, then on the new screen click on Logs button... Then click on Open button to start the battery app, go to settings and change a few settings (some which are not applied and some that get lost), exit the app, the logcat will load after a few seconds.


Again very sorry for the inconvenience and the delay.


I'm currently running tests on a Galaxy S running stock 2.3.3, will let you know if I find anything, but the app is not loosing any settings and every settings are properly applied.

Knowing whcih settings are causing issues could help figure out what's going on.

The logcat will confirm (or not) a permission issue.

Sometimes Android messes-up an apps access permissions to its own settings!

Only way is to uninstall the app completely and ensure the app data folder has been deleted from /data/data/ccc71.bmw, /data/data/ccc71.bmw.pro, /data/data/ccc71.pmw.pro, /data/data/ccc71.pmw

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