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3C Apps Support

For all support (questions, help, bugs) on any 3C apps, please use either methods:

- Send a support request from app settings, help and support. In the created e-mail, please specify the issue/question and attach any relevant screenshot.

- Use the XDA Forum thread located here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-2-3-3c-toolbox-pr...

3C Toolbox

The wait is over: 3C Toolbox, a top-100 Play Store paid tool combines the most wanted features requested by Android users into a single highly optimized app.

Migration Offer

I would like to offer you an easy migration path from 3C System Tuner Pro to 3C Toolbox Pro.


The main difference is that 3C Toolbox includes many other apps features: 3C Battery Monitor, 3C Network Monitor, 3C Root Explorer and 3C Toggles and any future apps I will develop.



Installing extra files outside of Play Store

Extra binary files are necessary to deodex an Android Device. At this time, it is strictly prohibited for an Android app on Play Store to downlod binary files (.dex, .jar or APKs) outside of Play Store or to contain code capable of modifying other apps (which is what deodex'ing does). 

Please download this file and put it on your internal storage Downloads folder, /sdcard/Downloads often works and retry deodex'ing your device.


3C Toolbox Pro suspended from Play Store

On October 6th, 2015, 3C Toolbox Pro has been suspended from Play Store because of violation of spam provisions (app description). I appealed the decision, but didn't expected much from it as the process is said to be entirely automated.

3C Toolbox on Google+

Follow 3C Toolbox development on Google+

System Tuner rated 5/5 on Android Appz 10/2012

App is rated 5/5 on German magazine "Android Appz Spezial" October-December 2012 issue. Get the PDF here.

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Battery Monitor Widget

The most complete battery monitoring app for your Android devices (phones and tablets)!

System Tuner

The most complete system management app for all your Android devices (phones and tablets, rooted or not).


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