License issues

To resolve licensing issues, you might have to do one or more of the following:

If purchased from Amazon AppStore:
  1. Make sure app order is valid in your Amazon Orders.
  2. Open Amazon AppStore and check the app details page. It should say 'Install' or 'Open', not 'Purchase'.
If purchased from Google Play Store, please wait a day before checking again, distribution servers may take time to update, then:
  1. Make sure app order is valid in your Google Checkout account here.
  2. You may also check tips on how to resolve known issues in Google Play Store here.
  3. Open Google Play Store and check the app details page. It should say 'Install' or 'Open', not 'Purchase'.
  4. Make sure you are logged in Google Play Store using the account used to purchase the app.
  5. Disable any firewall and xposed framework (including Lucky Patcher) that may interfere with Google Play Services, Play Store or the app.
  6. Uninstall the app
  7. Clear apps data and cache for Google Play Store, Play Service, Google Services Framework and Download Manager.
  8. Reboot
  9. Reinstall the app from Play Store
If issue persists, please give it a day for distribution chanels to update license information.
Here are the 5 possible reasons (and solutions if applicable) why you may experience licence issues:
  1. Non matching UID - May happen if reinstallation/update has corrupted the app UID. To resolve this uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling the app usually works.
  2. Not market managed - Can only happen if APK and license versions do not match in Play Store distribution servers. Please give it a day, refresh your network caches and try again.
  3. Missing permission - Can only happen if APK  has been tampered with or if a third party app is blocking app permissions, please check configuration of your Xposed modules and other rooted apps.
  4. Invalid package name - Impossible if APK has not been tampered with
  5. Invalid public key - Impossible if APK has not been tampered with
  6. Signature verification failed - Impossible if APK has not been tampered with
The previous use of non-official APK will create all of the above! The use of Lucky Patcher will create any of the above issues.
We cannot resolve any of the above as those are serious errors which could compromise the app. You can contact Google here, but it's doubtful you'll receive any support.

It's a 3 step process:

1. App call Google APIs

2. Google API (in Play Store and Play Services) retrieve license information (from server or local copy)

3. App receives license results: UNLICENSED, LICENSED.


License errors are displayed when app receives UNLICENSED from Google API. Obviously there's no fix for that, except the above work-around which are actually dealing with Play Store refreshing it's local licensing information.

I'm no longer selling apps on AndroidPIT as there were strong disagreement on how they actually do business.

Should you have any issues having purchased one of my app on AndroidPIT, you need to contact AndroidPIT as they provide licensing for any apps purchased on their web site, I have no information about any orders made with them.

Here is their contact information: Tuyen Li (


FWIW: Google and Amazon offer a life-time guarantee you can and will always be able to download any apps you purchased with them.