3C Sensitive Backups

3C Sensitive Backups allows you to backup and restore your call-log history, SMS/MMS, contacts and calendar data on local or remote storages. Your data will only be backed-up or restored on your device at your discretion on the local or remote location of your choice. If device is rooted, you can also backup/restore your WiFi settings.


You can choose the backup location in settings, from local storage to remote storage like Google Drive, DropBox, network share or even FTP servers. You can possibly backup/restore wifi settings if device is rooted.


None of your data will ever be collected or disclosed by any 3C applicationsRead about 3C app's privacy policy here.



Schedule automatic backup will redirect you to use 3C All-in-One Toolbox or 3C App Manager, and Explore backups will take advantage of 3C Explorer (or the Toolbox) if installed.

  • Backup will make an immediate backup of your sensitive data.
  • Restore will let you choose which previous backup to restore.
  • Manage allows you to delete old backups.
  • Clear, after confirmation, let you delete all information I. Respective categories.


WiFi MAC editor redirect you to use 3C All-in-One Toolbox or 3C Network Manager.


The app displays the last backup date and number of elements backed-up. When using restore and manage, you will be presented with a list of backups with number of elements and date (and possibly size - work in progress).


NB: This app was created because of Play Store restrictions do not allow 3C Toolbox to use SMS and call-logs permissions.