Difference between Battery Monitor Widget & Pro Version

Here is the list of features only available in the Pro version:

  • Update battery capacity and voltage reference in calibration screen
  • 2x1 text widget,¬†2x1, 3x1 and 4x1 graphic widgets
  • Keep information of unlimited number of batteries (limited to 2 in free version)
  • History markers and detailed statistics
  • Exporting data to System Tuner Pro
  • Any upcoming features¬†

Updating the capacity is simply to avoid manually typing the new current battery capacity (in-use).

The resets battery calibration/stats on rooted phone is to clear battery stats managed by Android. Calibration is increasing % accuracy to put it simply.

The update buttons in the calibartion screen allows to use the estimated mAh to define the total battery capacity being used for various calculations (time estimates as one) within the app.