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Task Manager

The main screen of the application either started from the application list or from a click on an active widget.


This screen shows all you want to know about the CPU of your phone!

Process Details

This screen shows detailed information about a single process and allows manipulating it (exclusion, settings, etc).


The analyzer screen allows manipulating a previously recorded history, hiding various processes and scrolling through time.


Retrieve logs (logcat) globally or from a specific application/process


Run any linux shell commands, optionally as super-user if your phone is rooted.

Memory Details

This screen shows the actual memory consumption and a pie chart of user/system application split by exclusion list. It tells you how much memory can be saved by killing non excluded applications.

It also shows how the internal storage is used by applications (data, cache, packages, etc).

SD Storage Details

This screen shows the overall SD card usage and the split by folders, you can tap a folder to go down the folder tree and get the usage of sub-folders.

You can also set the read cache size of both internal and external SD cards.


Allows customizing the task manager interface, configuring the recorder, the widgets default behavior and the selected widget look-n-feel.