Battery mA reporting


Battery mA data is often provided by Android kernel, however some devices may exhibit a number of issues, varying greatly with every devices:

  • mA in standby is incorrectly high: mA is stuck around -200mA in standby, requires using Estimates in standby.
  • mA while unplugged is incorrect: mA is incoherent when unplugged, requires using Estimates while unplugged.
  • mA is constantly negative once fully charged and still plugged. This is automatically taken care of by the app.
  • mA remains close to 0 at all times. Requires changing 'mA retrieval method' in battery / monitoring settings (possibly to HTC Devices or Estimated).
  • mA is reversed. Requires changing 'mA retrieval method' in battery / monitoring settings (possibly using HTC DNA or Reverse uA/mA).
  • mA is slow to adapt to device usage, device has likely no current sensor (or undetected) and is reporting estimated mA.
If you can't solve any of the above, please send a support requets from app settings, help and support, mentioning the issue you're facing. Empty requests cannot be looked at.