Update mAh - What is it for?

The "Update mAh" button is generating much question as to what it actually does, and so far everyone is using it (rightfully) to get an update mAh measure!


Though it's purpose is not for that at all! It is used to update the actual battery capacity used by the application everywhere else! So since v2.0.2, the app asks a confirmation of the action mentioning that it has an effect on estimated times and possibly mA measures on many phones!


So, when opening the calibration screen, the app calculates a 'measured mAh' based on mA historical data. Then one can use the "Update mAh" to use that value from now on as the reference mAh capacity of the battery!


On many phones using "estimated mA" (check main screen for "Estimated: xx mA"), the mA is calculated based on % and mAh!!! So it is critical to have a realistic mAh set for the battery, otherwise the mA readings will be wrong as well as the measured mAh!


Depending on logging rate, the history loaded will contain more or less of the old battery history. If you didn't create a new battery profile with your new phone, the whole loaded history will be considered.

That is by default (10 minutes logging), 20 days are loaded and this will be considered for mAh calculations.

If so, I can suggest you create a new battery profile for this new phone. First create a profile for the old battery phone if not done already.

Then it will consider the history since boot time (when you actually create the new battery profile).

You might want to run a few charge cycles to actually confirm calculations.

When the app shows a lower estimated mAh than defined, it means the calculated charging rate was higher than entered maximum charger capacity.

The charger capacity defaults to 1000mA, but it usually means it can charge at a rate of upto approximately 1250mAh. That is due to input/output voltage differences: At low %, charger provides 5Volt, battery takes 3.8Volts, hence 1000 x 5 / 3.8 is the actual charging rate. So you might want to enter 1200 in charger capacity and check new results.