Play Store Installation/Update issues


Unable to install the app, from Play Store or Amazon or manually? Receiving error XXX? Play Store asking you to pay again for an app?


As detailed everywhere on the net, most Play Store issues are resolved by clearing Play Store/Google Services Framework apps' data and rebooting. Sometimes recreating your account on the device is necessary. Search the net for the specific error number reported by Play Store. FWIW I'm not the developer of the Play Store app so you should really ask support from the actual devs of those apps when you have such a problem.


If your device is not rooted, only the above can solve your issue, and 3C Toolbox or any of my apps or any apps cannot create or solve this issue


If your device is rooted, you can 1- check available space in all partitions, especially /cache and /data, 2- clean-it up from all remains, eg any files or folders containing the app package name ( for the 3C Toolbox Pro, found in Play Store app detail page URL) in both /data and /system folders. Once your device is cleaned-up, installation should proceed as usual, should any Play Store issues be resolved. FWIW, app file remains are an OS issue, apps don't control installation or un-installation in any ways.


Here you can find more information (and solutions?) to error -24 and most Play Store installation issues.