Notification icon pack settings

The notification icon packs can all be customized as seen on below screenshot.

Options from top to bottom, left to right:

  • Keep alive
    • Prevents (as much as possible) the OS from killing the notification pack process. This helps reduce unneeded process restarts.
  • Hide icon
    • The icon will not show in status bar if enabled. The icon and notification remain visible in the notification list drop-down.
  • Enable graphic
    • Shows an historical graphic instead of the detailed text information. The width determines the visible historical range.
  • Show legend
    • Adds a legend on the left of the graphic showing min/max values.
  • Width
    • Width used by each historical data. The larger the width the less points are visible. 
  • Graphic, background and icon colors
    • Select the histogram, its background or the right icon colors, including transparency.