Manually granting extra permissions

Since Android 5.0, it's possible to grant extra permissions to apps, that in turn enable extra features.

I cannot provide help or instructions as it will be considered a Play Store violation: Apps that provide instructions on how to hack services, software or hardware, or circumvent security protections.



This permission allows reading battery statistics, used in 3C Battery Monitor and 3C Toolbox. On Android 9 and above, this method ONLY works with 3C Battery Statistics, please read here for more information.



This permission allows reading apps' logs, used in 3C Toolbox or 3C Log Reader. In 3C Toolbox it also allows modifying certain behavior like full-screen, rotation and forcing screen-on depending on app.



This permission allows changing system secure settings, used in 3C Toggles and 3C Toolbox. Those settings includes:

    • WiFi and GPS localization
    • USB storage
    • Stay awake (when plugged)
    • Unknown sources (installing APK manually)
    • Debug mode (ADB)
    • Background data
    • Auto-synchronization

To enable any of those permissions, you will need a PC or Mac and ADB software installed and your device connected through USB.