Manually granting extra permissions

Since Android 5.0, it's possible to grant extra permissions to apps, that in turn enable extra features.

I cannot provide help or instructions as it will be considered a Play Store violation: Apps that provide instructions on how to hack services, software or hardware, or circumvent security protections.

Please check FAQ or search 'extra permission' on the site for more information.


  • android.permissions.BATTERY_STATS

This permission allows reading battery statistics, used in 3C Battery Monitor and 3C Toolbox. On Android 9 and above, this method ONLY works with 3C Legacy Battery Stats, please read here for more information.


  • android.permissions.READ_LOGS

This permission allows reading apps' logs, used in 3C Toolbox or 3C Log Reader. In 3C Toolbox it also allows modifying certain behavior like full-screen, rotation and forcing screen-on depending on app.


  • android.permissions.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

This permission allows changing system secure settings, used in 3C Toggles and 3C Toolbox. Those settings includes:

    • WiFi and GPS localization
    • USB storage
    • Stay awake (when plugged)
    • Unknown sources (installing APK manually)
    • Debug mode (ADB)
    • Background data
    • Auto-synchronization


    To enable any of those permissions, you will need a PC or Mac and ADB software installed and your device connected through USB.