Google wrongly removed 3C Toolbox Pro from Play Store (again)

As of October 15th 2018, Google decided to remove 3C Toolbox Pro from Play Store. I learned 2 days later that they believe the app contains instructions on how to root users' phone which is obviously false. See below for email/information received from Google.

As I'm not at the origin of this, and as a principle, I will not refund users for the loss. I lost much more! I lost 8 years of hard work and gained, for the second time, a lot of problems, angry emails, bad reviews, etc.

Google is forcing me to publish a new app under a new package name and a new name (see both emails from Google below). What's the point? So they can screw us again and again until they ban my whole account?


=> Please contact Google so they reinstate the app they removed and admit they made a mistake. Forward me your request or their reply, I'll provide an URL to the APK until all this is sorted-out. If I provide APK URL without that, you won't bother contact Google, would you?