Why killing/stopping apps on Android is not enough

So, you're using 3C Toolbox or another app to kill or stop apps and it doesn't seem to work ? The apps that do not seem to care are Google's or manufacturer's own system apps?


First, there was killing app, the fact of stopping the Linux process. This has never prevented an Android app from restarting (mainly its services).

Then, Android offered a 'Force-Stop' option on every app. Google defines it like this: Stop any apps process and prevents it from starting again until the user manually start it. Good, right? That's what we all want, better controls of what runs on our devices.


Unfortunately there are 2 things that can escape the 'force-stop' state:

  1. Apps that use account synchronization. It's the account itself that will start the app again.
  2. System apps that directly handle hardware. NFC is one example of such. Killing/force-stopping this app will just do nothing.


So is there any solutions to prevent apps we don't use from running? Yes, it's called 'Crystallize'. It will not only force-stop apps, but also disable related accounts if any, before re-enabling them later depending on crystalize option.


You can try it from Apps Manager of 3C All-in-One Toolbox, for example on Google Drive and Photos, it just gets the job done.