3C Toolbox Pro & Battery Monitor APKs to unlock keys

Starting with 3C Toolbox Pro v2.0 and 3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro v4.0, the pro APK is an unlock key to the main app version (3C Toolbox).


Existing installation of 3C Toolbox Pro or 3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro versions will update and work as usual, at least until Ocotober 2019 (may be changed without prior notice).

With new installation, the Pro APK will act as an unlock key for the free version, and its icon will disappear when configured (please run pro app once after installing it).



  • You'll get better and faster support.

  • A few times per month a user complains that he bought the pro version but still have ads, and no extra features.

  • When providing updated APK to test bug fixes, I'll only have to provide the same APK. 

  • Building/testing/publishing 2 apps which are actually identical is time-consuming, and I have to maintain 3 other apps with the same model.

  • Paid versions suffers from excessive wake-ups (monitoring with high unlocked refresh rates), this will disappear with pro being an unlock key.

  • In short, everything is much simpler and faster.

Migration instead of clean install?

  • If you're running the pro version, also install free version. Make sure to install at least version 2.0.5b.

  • Export app settings (in app settings, help and support), it also exports all your existing widgets.

  • Clear Pro APK data, freeze it and unfreeze it (you can do that later if suitable, however anything configured will run in both APK after next step).

  • Open free version, app settings, help and support and import app settings. App will restart.

  • If using Xposed, activate new module and de-activate key module and reboot.

  • Things that needs manual handling:

    • Quick settings: those will need to be added manually again.

    • Widgets: Add the same widgets you used and load their settings. Graphics widgets will restore historical data as well.

    • Permissions and special permissions: None will be granted, which may impact various features of the app, most will be requested when opening app's various features.

    • BATTERY_STATS, READ_LOGS or WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS on non rooted devices will have to be manually granted again using ADB.


Should you migrate now?

  • To ensure new installs use the new model, I had to remove Google's auto-backup (to your Google drive, if you have one). If you use that feature, you might want to migrate now.
  • If you plan on getting a new device by October 2019, just wait for that time to do a clean install.

  • I've successfully migrated all my devices using above method, but there might still be problems I've not noticed.



  • Until October 2019, the pro APK will have both the pro features and the unlock key mechanism, so that user can migrate at their own pace.

  • After that, I will release the pro APK as only an unlock key, with auto-export settings.