Pro APK to unlock key

Starting with 3C Toolbox Pro v2.0, 3C Process Monitor Pro v3.0 and 3C Battery Monitor Pro v3.0, the pro APKs are unlock keys to their free version counterpart.


Existing installation of Pro versions will update and work as usual, at least until end of 2019.

With new installation, the Pro APK will act as an unlock key for the free version, and its icon will disappear when configured (please run pro app once after installing it).



  • Building/testing/publishing 2 apps which are actually nearly identical is time-consuming.

  • A few times per month a user complains that he bought the pro version but still have ads, and no extra features.

  • Paid versions suffers from excessive wake-ups (monitoring with high unlocked refresh rates), this will disappear with pro being an unlock key.


Migration instead of clean install?

  • If you're running the pro version, also install free version.

  • Save any widgets configuration you might have added to your launcher.

  • Move files from /data/data/ to /data/data/, and kill both apps.

    • Copy those folders to sd card using pro version's explorer, then copy them back to free version using it's explorer.

    • For Process Monitor Pro, use and ccc71.pmw2 folders respectively (root or ADB required).

    • For Battery Monitor Pro, use and (root or ADB required).

  • Move files from /sdcard/Android/data/ to /sdcard/Android/data/ (widgets and other configuration files).

  • Open pro version, it will confirm free version is unlocked (make sure all files are moved, not copied, or clear pro app's data).

  • Add new widgets to launcher and load their configuration.

  • Check settings for features you use:

    • UI / General / Application data to make sure it points to

    • UI / Log reader / Logcat location

    • Recorder / Auto-save location

Should you migrate now?

  • To ensure new installs use the new model, I had to remove Google's auto-backup to your Google drive (if you have one). If you use that feature, you might want to migrate now.

  • If you plan on getting a new device by end of 2019, just wait for that time to do a clean install.

  • I'll do my best to monitor migration progress, and offer an alternative methods if needed. But please consider the time involved to have a perfect migration plan, better used for improvements and new features. I did migrate 2 out of 3 of my devices, but still reluctant to migrate the last one, used daily with a lot of features activated, so I understand the feeling.



  • Until end of 2019, the pro APK will have both the pro features and the unlock key mechanism, so that user can migrate at their own pace.

  • In 2020, I will release the pro APK as only an unlock key, possibly with tools to migrate settings, for users not having migrated to the new model.