Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 vs Z Flip 4 battery life

3C All-in-One Toolbox and 3C Battery Manager are making it very easy to compare battery life on different devices. Having used a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 since it's available and having changed to a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, I wanted to verify the improved battery life advertized everywhere.


So I took a screenshot of the app's estimates tab on my old Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 before sending it to Samsung, and then after a week using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, I took a screenshot of the same app's estimates tab.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 battery estimates (click on image for orginal size)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 battery estimates

Looking at the numbers:

  • Screen-on: The Z Flip 3 has a use-time of 5h14, while the Z Flip 4 lasts 8h21m, that's about 60% increased time!
  • Stand-by: The Flip 3 can lasts 2 days and 5 hours compared to the 5 days and 16 hours of the Z Flip 4, tha's a huge 156% increase!
  • All-time-average, based on similar use pattern that's how long both phones will last and we can see 14 hours for the Flip 3 and one full day for the Flip 4, or about 70% increased battery life.
The Samsung Z Flip 4 is definitely a big winner in term of battery life compared to its predecessor and advertized improvements are real. If you're a lucky owner of a Samsung Z Flip 3 and think you deserve more battery life, you should definitely make the jump.