3C All-in-One Toolbox benchmark on Galaxy Z Flip 5

While I regularly test my apps on all new devices I get, results are not published.

Today you'll find results of benchmark tests on Galaxy Z Flip 5.


The test environment:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, rooted (can use 3C Companion on non rooted devices), with WearOS watch connected.
  • 3C All-in-One Toolbox version 2.9.1d.
  • Recording apps CPU usage at an interval of 20 minutes.
  • Recording battery in "real-time", as soon as OS changes %, mV or temperature.
  • Recording CPU/GPU temperature and load and screen state only.

Results shows that the toolbox consumes 0.02% of CPU, that's about 17 seconds per day. That's twice as much as last tests made on a Pixel 3 you can find here back in 2019. While device has more power, it seems to lower CPU frequencies a lot more in standby than on previous device. Something I'll verify asap.

That's still low results compared to all apps running that shouldn't be running in standby: Google Play Services, Google search (never used), Bluetooth (watch connected) and Gmail.


End result is that device runs more than 7 days on standby which is more than acceptable, see screenshot below.


I don't quite understand why apps like Gmail, Messages, GCM-based are consumming so much, they're supposed to be notified by OS when there's something new and sleep the rest of the time. Those shouldn't be there!

Even worse, why Google search is consuming battery is beyond me at this time. I'll try to force-stop when phone goes in standby using task manager auto kill feature or even better freeze/uninstall it using app's manager!


Click on screenshots below for full-size: