Iconia Tab A500 @1GHz - wifi on

Applications: BMW 1.7 & PMW 0.9

Phone: Acer Iconia Tab A500 @ 1.0GHz

Conditions: Wifi on

BMW 1.7: no widget, pro version runs a single % notification

PMW 0.9: no widget, no notification, both version recording apps cpu usage, pro version recording tablet state (wifi, bluetooth, gps and screen)

Duration: 2h05

PMW Total CPU usage:

Free version: 2.80 x 12 = 33.60 seconds per day (0.039%)

Pro version: 2.89 seconds x 12 = 34.68 seconds per day (0.04%)

BMW Total CPU usage: Results can't provide monitoring benchmark because both versions user interface were used during the recordings