BMW history file content

The history file stored on the SD card contains the following data:


temp is in the unit selected in the settings

screen is the screen off time expressed as a unit of 1/1000 of the total time since last record

plug is the plugged state (0:unplugged, 1: AC, 3: USB, 3-7: switching state)

0: unplugged since the last log

1: on AC only

2: unplugged and on AC

3: on USB only

4: unplugged and on USB

5: on AC and on USB (impossible)

6: unplugged, and on AC and USB


The switching state values allows to see if the state was temporarily changed during the recording period (5 minutes by default).

   when plugging the phone, the sequence of plug state will be 0, 2, 1


This is most usefull when you switch on the screen for a few seconds, it will be shown