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Why "3C Helper" app is installed into /system

This app does not use root priviledges however 3C Toolbox requires root to be able to install it.

In Android 4.4 (KitKat), this system app is also required to gather battery statistics.


This app is used to achieve things that can no longer be done by regular apps on new versions of Android, mostly toggling of specific components including APN and a few others.

Those toggles are mainly used by toggle widgets, but some may be used if you setup specific profiles involving those system switches.


System apps are bound to the permissions they request and cannot acquire root access without your knownledge.


This system app uses the following permissions:







have use adb pull to retrieve and then do adb install successfully. but the helper didn't work for the battery monitor widget....

adb install only into user partition (/data/app), whereas it needs to be a system app in /system/priv-app on KitKat and above.

App installation fails? Can you remove the app from SU granted apps, then retry installing the helper. Make sure to confirm the root request so the APK can be copied to that location. You might also have to reboot to make the new system app available.

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