3C Companion App


Downloads are currently available for PC, pick your OS and version (please check compatibility below):


Self contained:

Windows 64-bits OS (129MB)

Windows 32-bits OS (99MB)


Requires .NET Core Desktop 3.1:

Installation instructions:

Run and follow instructions (may contain instructions linked from Google's web sites).



This companion app has been tested with various devices, results may still vary from one version to another:
  • Fully working: Pixel 3 XL Android 11, Huawei M3 Lite Android 9, Samsung S10+ Android 10, Galaxy Tab A Android 10, Nexus 9 Android 7.
  • Temporarily working: Amazon Fire tablet Android 9.


Please report if it works for you by sending a support request from app settings, help and support. Don't forget to mention whether it works or not.



Add support for App Manager backup/restore app's data


Fix root-detection