3C Companion App


Downloads are currently available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS:

Self contained:

Windows 64-bits OS (102MB)


Requires .NET Core Desktop 3.1:

Windows 64-bits OS (15.2MB)


Download .NET Core Dekstop for  32-bits or 64-bits


Java-based (run with java -jar <file>)


Linux 64-bits


Mac 64-bits



Installation instructions:

Apply work-around below if necessary.

On Windows, run and follow instructions (may contain linked to instructions from Google's web sites).


On Linux or Mac, make sure to configure your computer as per description here (Setup a device for development).

Linux and Mac versions are still under test, if you have issues, please contact me at 3c@3c71.com.



This companion app has been tested with various devices, results may still vary from one version to another:
  • Fully working: 
    • Pixel 3 XL Android 11
    • Huawei M3 Lite Android 9
    • Samsung S10+ Android 10
    • Galaxy Tab A Android 10
    • Nexus 9 Android 7
    • LG V35 US Android 10 (see workaround below)
    • LG V40 Android 9 (see workaround below)
    • Huawei P40 Lite E (see workaround below)
  • The following devices are reported to work only temporarily(eg as long as device is connected to PC, please check possible workaround below):
    • Amazon Fire tablet Android 9


Please report if it works or not for you by sending a support request from app settings, help and support within any of my Android apps.


1.2.8: 25/07/2022

Improves restore speed of large internal data.

Only for x64 platforms

1.2.7: 07/2021

Various improvements and fixes


Ability to configure multiple devices (Windows-only)


Fix restoring app's data may hang after restore


Improve devices general compatibility


Add workaround for phones with temporary support, see next post for developer options to set 


Add support for Huawei store


Add support for App Manager backup/restore app's data


Fix root-detection

Please go to Android settings, developer options and set the following options as in screenshot:

- Check 'USB Debugging' (should be on already).

- Uncheck 'Always prompt when connecting to USB'

- Check 'Allow ADB debugging in charge only mode'

This workaround is based on using WiFi debugging (tested on LG V40 and LG V35), and requires that both your PC and Android device be connected to your Wireless router.


1) Plug Android device to your PC using USB and run this command on PC:

adb tcpip 555


2) Unplug and connect to Android device:

adb connect ip:5555


3) Replace ip by current IP of your device, for example adb connect


4) Run 3C Companion app on your PC to configure your Android device.


5) You can now turn off your PC (or not).


Do not disconnect manually (running adb disconnect) as it may break the configuration.

In MIUI 12 and ColorOS, disable option 'USB Debugging (security settings)' or 'Disable permission monitoring' before running 3C Companion. This option is available in Additional Settings, Developer Options.





 Also set a default USB mode, in Developer Options.