A graphic view can show any of the available battery information:

  •  Available %
  •  Charge/Consumption in mA or mW
  •  Voltage in mV
  •  Temperature in °C or °F

Optional grid lines can be drawn:

  • Horizontally to split data range by 10 and showing appropriate labels.
  • Vertically to split time range by 10 or every hour or every 2 hours. The time axis only shows the start and end time because of space restrictions.


All graphics in full-screen or on the main-screen have the same features:

  • Single tap on a graphic allows changing the current data shown.
  • Moving single finger on a graphic allows scrolling through time when data is available.
  • Two-finger touch on a graphic allows manual zooming up-to 10 times.

Long-press on the graphic opens the context menu allowing more actions:

  • Changing shown data (instead of repeated single tap).
  • Setting zoom factor between 1x to 10x.
  • Switching minimum/maximum calculations based on visible or all values.

Long-press on the main screen graphics switches to full-screen by default, but can open the menu as well. See settings for more information.