Calibration - Measuring total capacity

This screen helps maximize battery capacity and measure its aging. It can also handle multiple batteries and compare them easily.

How to measure total capacity (mAh):

  • Run a 50% or more uninterrupted charge starting as low as possible.
    WARNING: Check this web site for battery aging

  • The phone needs to be on and the app recording battery history.

  • Start charging as low as possible for better results.
  • Increase accuracy by running larger charge cycle (best is 0% to 100%).

Update current/in-use mAh:

  • When the measured/estimated mAh is precise enough
  • The "Update mAh" opens a dialog where you can adjust the capacity to use from now on.

How accurate is the estimated/calculated mAh?


Reset Aging / Update mV range Reference:

  • When the aging is incorrect due to incorrect mV reported (by Android).

  • The "Update references" updates the mV range and resets the aging %


How to change battery: 

  • Turn off the phone.

  • Change the battery physically.

  • Start the phone.

  • Change the battery in the calibration screen of the app.

Important notes:

  • The app supports 2 types: phones that report measured mA and phones that report estimated mA.

  • On main and calibration screens, "Estimated:" will replace "Measured:" or "Actual:"

  • When estimated it is important to set the AC charger capacity to control the charge process.


  • Do not change history logging rate, it will prevent calculating mAh. 
  • Run continuous uninterupted charge cycle.