App settings are divided into many categories, some of them provides more than just settings.

Actual settings are:

  • UI settings - defines all UI options, from language, theme and display defaults
  • Widgets settings - configure widgets already added to your launcher
  • Applications - configure app manager options and active tweaks
  • Recorder - configure task recorder options
  • Battery - configure battery manager options
  • Active tweaks - reset all tweaks, configure auto-kill, install/uninstall system help, create recovery installation or restoration
  • Unlock features - shortcut to help and support settings, to unlock features (one-time pro activation, individual feature activation or subscription to support future development)
  • Help and support - get advanced help for using the app, report bugs, check version history, etc
Active settings, actually providing features:
  • Line indicators - configure horizontal line indicators that appears on top of your screen
  • Overlay widget - configure a special widget with up-to 6 datas to appear on top of your screen
  • Notifications - configure notifications options, and optionally special pack to display any data (battery, cpu, system, storage, etc)
  • Translation - update/add existing translations and send it for integration