Help and support

Here you'll find more information about the app and help for using the app.

You can also support development in different ways:

  • Rate the app, easy and quick.
  • Unlock all features with a single one-time payment (only available for 3C All-in-One Toolbox and 3C Battery Manager).
  • Unlock individual feature at a very small cost.
  • Unlock all features using subscriptions


Supporting future developpement is entirely up-to-you. I'll never ask anything. I've developped my apps since 2009 and use them on all my devices and share the result with the community. Sure enough there's some features specifically developped for the community and many hours working around Android's ecosystem discrepancies.


If you have an issue or need help, you can request support, start a debug session and later request support to provide detailed information.


You can also export/import app settings, so that you can restore your existing settings on a new device.


Last but not least you can acccess app's privacy policy.