Active tweaks

Here you can actually reset all active tweaks configured throughout the app, including the following

  • CPU settings (cores, voltage, gpu, governors, etc).
  • Apps (disabled components, notifications).
  • Device profiles, schedules and watchers.
  • Network, disabled firewall, hotspot.
  • Xposed - battery icon and warning removal andpermissions blocking.
  • Apps tweaks - force rotation, screen-on, full-screen, crystallize state and access protection.
  • System - build.prop modifications, sysctl tweaks, SD and IO cache settings, OOM settings, entropy, etc.

You can also:

  • Access auto-kill configuration.
  • Instal/remove system helper (that enables a lot of active toggles).
  • Check xposed framework - deprecated
  • Fix paid app installation - deprecated
  • Create TWRP installer or tweak reset packages.