Widget preferences only appears when application has been started by clicking the widget or if using a single widget!

There are 2 screens for the widget configuration:

    • Configuring look’n’feel
      • Label on/off
      • Background
      • Central icon
    • Configuring data to show

The data to show depends on the type of widget:

    • Standard 1x1 widget
      • Top value
      • Bottom value
      • Central value to replace icon
      • Whether to show right scale or not
    • Wide 2x1 widet (Pro version only)
      • Top-left and right values
      • Bottom-left and right values
      • Whether to show right scale or not
    • Graphic widgets (Pro version only)
      • Graphic value

Values can any of the following:

      • Remaining capacity (%)
      • Current charge/discharge (mA)
      • Current charge/discharge (mW)
      • Voltage (mV)
      • Temperature (C, F, K)
      • Global cycle estimate
      • All-time average estimate
      • Cycle estimate
      • Current estimate

Check how estimates are calculated.