Battery monitoring settings

Here you can define the following options:

  • Days to keep in history, you'll be able to browse the graphics or text history for about that many days.
  • Record all the time, disabling that option will render a lot of features inactive, inclluding graphics/history.
  • mA retrieval method, override the automatic settings in case mA readings are inaccurate, or send a support request.
  • Recording intervals.
    • It is recommended to keep the default (real-time) or use interval while charging for more accurate capacity calculations.
    • Using interval recording all the time turns out to be less accurate and battery consuming.
  • Estimate allows you to override mA retrieval all the time or while discharging in case hardware sensor is not effective (obsolete on recent devices).
  • Temperature multiplier, in case temperature sensor is reporting wrong data (obsolete on recent devices).
  • Measure on boot, this is required to calculate accurate statistic since boot! disable by default.