This screen is only available on Qualcomm processors running a Kernel integrating showp-1984 mpdecision interfaces. Note there are 2 versions of the interface as seen on screenshots. See below for more information. See screenshots below. There are another version of the interface where you can only enable/disable MP decision (often on stock kernels). Disabling MP decision will prevent the kernel from controlling cores' online states, potentially increasing performance, but also battery drain.

Please report device model and Kernel URL should you have such kernel.


Here are all configuration options and their meanings:

  • Single core in standby: Enable to have all cores except one offline while screen's off.
  • Enabled: or disable MPDecision hotplug/unplug control.
  • Start delay: Defines the delay before MPDecision starts controlling cores
  • Interval: Time between each checks
  • Pause: If another app plug a core, MPDecision will stop controlling cores for 10 seconds.
  • Hotplug freq: Min/max frequency to authorize hotplug/unplug
Version 1:
  • Hotplug threshold: Runqueue threshold, hotplug a core when reached.
  • Hotplug time: This amount of time must have passed.
  • Unplug threshold: Runqueue threshold, unplug a core when reached.
  • Unplug time: This amount of time must have passed.
Version 2:
  • Thresholds to hotplug: Runqueue thresholds for each additional core.
  • Thresholds to unplug: Runqueue thresholds for each core to unplug.
  • Times to hotplug/unplug: Amount of time for each thresholds.
All details have been gathered from showp-1984 thread on XDA.

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