Allows to define various profiles which can be used automatically or manually, scheduled or even triggered by specific events.


Each profile is made of a screen-on configuration (the default) and a screen-off configuration applied when screen goes off. Current configuration (regardless of active profile) is restored when screen is turned back on. For example the active profile sets WiFi off, but WiFi is turned on manually. If screen-off configuration is set to turn off WiFi, last state (on) will be restored when screen is turned back on.

Each configuration is made of CPU settings, IO settings and components settings. CPU and IO require root to be applied. Some components settings also require root or 3C Companion, but most do not.

CPU configuration includes the ability to turn off CPU cores individually. When used for screen-off configuration it is best to configure screen-on to reset the configuration appropriately. Core being free is not always handled by every kernel and results may vary. It is important to note that many kernels include a deamon which control online cores automatically which may interfere with settings in many ways.

init.d tab is only available when editing on-boot profile (default profile) and on supported ROM. However it is important to make sure ROM implements proper support delivering a functional init.d. If init.d option does not work or is overwritten on boot, it is best to switch to the standard on boot option.


The 'default' profile is the profile to be applied on boot. Every other profiles can inherit the default profile configuration. If default sets WiFi, APN, GPS and BT on, it is possible to define an inherited profile that will actually keep WiFi and APN off, while all other settings from the default (inherited) profile are also applied. Both screen-on and screen-off (standby) configuration are inherited from default profile.

By default the screen-off configuration is only applied if device is not plugged. Turning on the 'apply if plugged' option ensures the screen-off configuration is applied at all times.








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