App Backups

This is where you manage your existing app backups.

On rooted phones, app's apk/bundle and data/settings can be saved. Issues backing-up app's internal data with rooted device, see here.


Non-rooted devices can use 3C Companion app on PC to also backup app's data (some apps may not allow data backup).


Listed backups may have extra icon indicators as follows:

  • Play Store bundle (not a single APK)  
  • Backup location, local , or remote 

If you are using 3C Companion, you may see this icon  if app is already installed, which means app data cannot be restored because it is explicitely disabled by app's developer. You may contact app's developer to request data backup to be enabled. NB: This icon won't appear if app is not already installed.



Tap the restore button to restore all selected apps.

To restore a particular version, only select one app, a dialog will allow you to choose which version to restore.

The restore dialog always allows you to select the restore destination if device is rooted. You can select the following destinations:

  • Internal/User space, default destination for user-installed apps. Recommended
  • SD cards, 'secure' destination for paid apps, might be slower, will be unavailable on boot (even if internal storage only) and when SD card is removed. Will prevent boot services from running, and all background services (widgets, notifications) when SD card is removed.
  • System space, location of pre-installed apps. Be careful that enough space is available, full system partition causes lots of problems. App will check that twice the size of the app is available before restoring/moving apps to System. All app updates will then be installed on internal storage (user space) and use twice the space.


WARNING: Deleting existing backup is permanent. 

Make app APK/bundle restore successful on MIUI 11