This screen offers a one-click solution to backup, restore of apps, call logs and SMS. It also allows you to optimize your apps and databases, clear all caches to save space and wipe the dalvik cache tapping the 'manage' button.


The counters refers to user-installed apps in blue, and system apps in red. To backup (data) refers to existing app backup to update and data backup to update in parenthesis.


Tap the backup button to make a complete backup of all the app you installed and update all system apps which have an existing backup.

Tap the update button to update all existing backups, that is if the app or its data has been updated since last backup, it will be updated.

Tap the restore button to restore all your existing backups using the latest version. NB: Restore button only activates when some apps are not installed.

Tap the manage button to perform app maintenance, including backup, clearing data, fix permissions, sms, calls log backups and wipe dalvik cache. Here are more details on some maintenance tasks:

  • Backup SMS/MMS, MMS require root to be backed-up.
  • Optimize apps loading = zip-align APKs
  • Optimize database = clean-up
  • Fix permissions = do no use if you don't know what it is or have no reasons to do so
  • Clean memory = Reclaim as much memory as possible by triggering Android OOM (out-of-memory) manager
  • Clean dalvik = remove unused files from dalvik cache
  • Clear dalvik = wipe dalvik cache, requires reboot to rebuild the cache from scratch
  • Clean updated system apps = Move updated APK back to /system folder. Warning: may cause issues in rare occasions 
    Do not use system cleanup on Android 5.x, it may well prevent your device from booting.

WARNING: If you run the 'wipe dalvik' task, the app will reboot automatically after to avoid the whole system to crumble under crashes and possibly freezing. If device doesn't reboot it is highly recommended to immediately do so manually.


The call logs and SMS can be saved by tapping the left button next to Calls or SMS.

Restoring call logs or SMS does not delete existing ones, but merges the backup with whatever is already in the device.



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