You can select the sd card at the top, should the device have multiple SD cards available. If you cannot find your SD card, please send a "support request" from app settings mentioning the problem.


Tap on clean storage to identify which categories will be deleted.

You can then click on a category to see which files and folders will be deleted and can actually remove them from cleaning.

Tap again on a category to hide the details.


WARNING: Some apps store configuration data in hidden files and folders.

Cleaning your storage will delete those files and folders and possibly delete such configuration.

Kodi is one such app affected by this and is excluded from cleaning.

Should you identify apps storing important data in hidden files or folders, please let me know.

Please run a backup of your app from app's manager before proceeding.


You can also browse your storage content. Note that when reaching child folders without subfolders it will open app's explorer (or request installing 3C Explorer for that purpose).


WARNING: Make a "CWM Restore" package from the Active Tweaks settings in case something goes wrong. This package allows you to disable all tweaks from CWM recovery.