History Text

The history screen shows a text view of recorded battery data. The first column contains 2 sets of color bars, first is the charging status, green for AC, blue for USB and red for Wireless. Second bar shows screen-on time, the darker it is the less screen-on time.

Long-pressing the text allows to:

  • Add a marker
  • Switch viewing full history and % changes

Long-press a marker to edit or remove it.


  • By default the app only shows data when % is changing. Long-press a recording to switch between a full view or % change view.
  • The mA column as shown on screenshot can be switched to display %/h. Simply tapping the header or data does switch between %/h and mA.


Additional options are available pressing the menu button:

  • Clear history (all in-app history will be deleted, cannot be undone).
  • Clear battery statistics (need root, clears Android battery usage data on Android KitKat and lower, cannot be undone)
  • Clear estimates (clear all usage/charge estimates from the Estimates tab, cannot be undone).



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